2 thoughts on “Christ the King November 22nd 2020”

  1. Love the hymns and format, but the sound balance has to be looked at. Had to turn the sound right down for the hymns, and even with the sound max some of the spoken word far too quiet. But on the whole its great and we are making real progress here. John, you need your camera a little higher as we are looking a bit to much up your (splendid as it is) nose. Many thanks for your gift today.

  2. Yes I also had trouble with the sound, especially Jon at the end, he faded right out. I have discovered the issue with my computer, it has had a massive software update which reduced my input volume, I didn’t check it out! It has also been a long time since I recorded which shows in my presentation. As they say it can only get better. Thank you for the comments. At least three people watched it ! Blessings. M

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